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Special Report #1 >
Motivation and Meal Planning

Eight easy steps to plan your week so you can
eat at home, save money, be healthy,
and impress yourself!

Now available, only $4.95


Previously only available to a handful of OneRoastChicken subscribers, now this special report is available for everyone.

-- How to break your take-out habit

-- Two easy recipes to make at home with a deli chicken from the grocery store

-- How to make your own meal planning checklist

-- The motivation to get supper on the table after you've worked all day

-- The best recipe for hamburgers that involves two ingredients and 8 minutes of cooking time


This combined, edited transcript of TWO tele-classes given in the Spring of 2007 on the subject of meal planning and motivation. The report is 16 single-spaced pages long and includes the Q&A from both sessions, all easily transcribed for you to read and get inspired!

Here's what one class participant had to say: "I loved the steps. The fact that you make it small and manageable means it is do-able.  Being able to finally get the horse (meal prepared and on the table) hitched to the horses (plan + list) is such a relief! Thanks for directing my energy, finally! Best hour I've spent in a long time, especially with the way our life is organized." (Sheri, in Kansas)

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NOTE: One Roast Chicken subscribers who have purchased the print copy of "Successful Home Cooking" have received a FREE copy of this report in their mailed kit, so there's no need for you to buy it here if you've ordered a PRINT copy of the cooking lessons.

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